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World’s first business school
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ESCP Business School

As a state-recognized university, ESCP counts among the most prestigious and leading business schools in Germany. ESCP regularly occupy top spots in both national and international rankings.

ESCP operate with a multicampus education where students study from different locations each year, gaining incredible experiences along with a great education:

  • Berlin
  • London
  • Paris
  • Turin
  • Madrid
  • Beijing


Prestigious School

A state-recognized, leading business that regularly occupies top national and international rankings.

Financial Times:
#6 Worldwide – Masters in Management
#2 Worldwide – Advanced Master in Finance
#7 Worldwide – Executive MBA
#8 Europe – European Business Schools


The Economist:
#4 Worldwide – Masters in Management
#1 Employability Amongst Diverse Recruiters
#1 Worldwide – Variety of Languages on Offer
#1 Worldwide – Access to Overseas Exchange Programs


People value Berlin for its pulsating scene and nightlife as well as for its spacious parks and bohemian quarters.

European Values

Driven by European values, we inspire and educate business leaders who will impact the world.

What our students say


star star star star star
Long Island University

You learn so much studying in another country. Both the language, the culture, and the things in life that cannot be taught simply through school lectures. You will have incredible fun!


star star star star star
Saint Leo University

Go for it! It’s a great experience


star star star star star
Florida Institute of Technology

They found me different options and scholarship offers, so that I could actually choose between multiple schools until I found the one that fit me.


star star star star star
Quinnipiac University

It’s for someone who wants to challenge themselves, expand their perspective and get out of their comfort zone.


star star star star star
Embry Riddle Aeronautcal University

You get to live in another country and culture, and to make friends from all over the world. And you will separate yourself from the competition when you get out in the job market.


star star star star star
Hofstra University

In the beginning everything is new and the culture might be very different to what you are used to, but like everything else, it is an adaption process and soon you’ll find your place.


star star star star star
North Park University

Just do it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you will not regret it for a second.


star star star star star
University of Bridgeport

Just go for it! Studying abroad was my best decision. I have learned so much about myself and other cultures. Being away from home have made me appreciate things back home you might take for granted and also makes you understand how and why we are the way we are.


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Where to find ESCP Berlin?

Heubnerweg 8-10
D-14059 Berlin

KEY STUDY AREA: Sustainability

Sustainability plays a crucial role in research and teaching, and daily operations on the Berlin campus, and is one of the trio of academic key areas.

KEY STUDY AREA: Entrepreneurship

ESCP has today more than 50 researchers and teachers. Teaching and supporting start-ups with a European incubator, and entrepreneurship research.

KEY STUDY AREA: Digitalization

In order to optimally prepare students for this new era, the topic of digitalization plays a vital role for us in both teaching and research.


How does the process work?

By completing the FREE APPLICATION on our website you can quickly and efficiently find out what the best options are for you. Instead of researching and applying for many universities, our experienced team can assess your credentials and preferences and inform you of the university programs that fit for you!

How do I choose the right university?

There are many reasons to choose a place to study, live and develop, the three most common considerations are: Academic Expectations – Realistically with your academic background what type of university is feasible? What degree program do you want to follow? Is the degree accredited and recognized in your home country? Financial Expectations – Of course, it needs to be financially possible. It is important to have a good picture of what you can contribute financially, as that will determine your options. Universities really varies in price based off location and type of institution. Our team can source options that fit your budget. Preferences – Are you looking to live in a big city or a smaller town? Do you want a hot climate or experience all four seasons? Would you prefer a bigger campus with many thousands of students or a smaller campus with more personal attention? By completing our one-time application we can present options that meet your preferences and abilities.

What can I study?

You can study almost anything you want! Throughout our partner universities there are hundreds of degree programs. Here is a small overview of the possibilities: ART: Graphic Design, Film, Music, Theatre, Art, Interior Design, Fashion, Photography, Art History etc. BUSINESS: Accounting, Administration, Management, Marketing, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Sports Management, Sports Marketing etc. COMMUNICATION: Journalism (News, Broadcast, Digital, Photo), PR, Speech Communication, Public Communication, Sports Communication, Media etc. COMPUTER SCIENCE: Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Information Management Systems, Programming etc. Education, ENGINEERING: Bio, Civil, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Mining, Environmental, Engineering Management, Petroleum Technology etc. HEALTH AND MEDICAL: Nursing, Sports and Health Sciences, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Healthcare Administration etc. LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCES: Pre-Law, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology etc. LIBERAL ARTS: Anthropology, Archaeology, Developmental studies, English, Foreign Languages (English, Spanish, French, Chinese), Geography, History, International Relations, International Studies, Philosophy, Gender Studies, Political Science, Religion etc. SCIENCE AND MATH: Astronomy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Studies, Geology, Mathematics, Physics etc.